It’s One Thing To Save Some Money, It’s Another Thing To Make Your Will or Perform Estate Planning Online in Utah

Utah Online WIlls and Estate Planning

#1 Computers Don’t Always Get it Right

Your email account has a spam filter. The spam filter is important and very useful, but it’s not perfect.

That’s why you need to check your spam folder for any important emails you may have missed.

So, the same way only you can truly distinguish spam from an important email, only a lawyer can truly distinguish what terms are adequate for a standard will from the terms that your will really needs.

#2 No Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorney-Client privilege does not apply to information you provide online.  That means that court orders can require the company which owns the website to produce your information.  The law also does not compel the company to keep a client’s information confidential.  The company may have a privacy policy, but it’s not required.  On the other hand, the law compels attorneys to keep your information confidential.

#3 No Legal Advice

A company cannot be licensed to practice law.  All it can do is ask you if you want to include a certain provision in your will.

So, when the website shows you a provision and asks you if you want to include it in your will:

  • What does that provision mean?
  • How will a court interpret that provision?
  • How can you avoid potential problems with that provision?

The company can’t answer those questions for you. Nor can it tell you if there is a will substitute that may better serve your circumstances.


#4 There is Affordable and Convenient Legal Counsel

Guymon Law PLLC delivers affordable, online estate planning services throughout Utah.

Register today, and we can take care of your estate planning without you ever having to schedule an appointment.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.