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Divorce & Child Custody

Get the best possible outcome in the least amount of time and legal fees. With my help, you’ll make informed decisions about your divorce.  I understand the law and know how to fight and negotiate on your behalf.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is not seeing a counselor to work out your differences. Instead, it’s about agreeing upon the terms of a divorce quickly, at lower cost, and with better feelings.  It only requires a few hours of your time.  And you’ll save hundreds of dollars compared to a traditional divorce.

Estate Planning

Wills and trusts makes things simpler, easier, and friendlier for your loved ones after you die.  Don’t let the government decide who gets your house and other property.  Plan now.

Real Estate

Whether you’re buying or selling, a realtor who knows the law and how to negotiate can help you get the best deal.  He can also prevent problems that might otherwise occur. Call now to learn how much your home is worth: (435) 248-2230.


Matthew Veil
Matthew Veil
21:22 21 Sep 16
Super easy to work with. Chris was able to bring many solutions to help with me adopting my son. Very affordable as well. I would recommend Chris and his staff any day of the week.
Kimberly Johnston
Kimberly Johnston
21:19 09 Nov 16
If you need an honest opinion you need to come speak with chris! We spent 3 months fighting between mortgage companies with no resolution and I had given up hope of getting our issue resolved and decided to stop in for a consult and see if my fight was even worth it. He listened to my long story and after asking a few questions was able to offer a possible solution without breaking our bank. He even set a stop dollar amount so I would t be surprised with a huge bill at the end. Needless to say his solution worked and the entire issue was fixed after about 72 hours! Even if you are unsure about your legal problem call Chris and get a free consult set up. It was well worth it for us!
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson
19:48 03 Nov 16
Chris is a great guy. I've known a fair few lawyers, and have a few in my family, but Chris is my favorite. He's extremely knowledgeable, very honest and easy to work with. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for legal advice, he's my go to guy.
Joe Saxton
Joe Saxton
15:30 03 Sep 16
Chris handled my matter in a very professional manner. He was friendly and easy to work with. Chris stayed in communication with me as my case developed, allowing me to stay informed but not stress over every little detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any one I know.
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell
22:13 04 Nov 16
I highly recommend Chris. He is knowledgeable and personable and a pleasure to work with.
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