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Hours Instead of Months

You can save months of time and hundreds of dollars by using a mediator to negotiate your divorce.  You can usually get a deal in 3-4 hours when I’m your mediator.  And if you reach an agreement with your spouse, I can draft all the paperwork you need to effectuate the divorce. I can even file it for you, so you usually only pay about $750 per side instead of $2500 per side. Reduce the time and stress of your divorce. Use a mediator.  Call (435) 248-2230 now.

(By the way, I am the only person north of Ogden who I know offers this service, and the other people who say they offer this service rarely if ever actually do it.)

It is a well-documented that contested divorces are bad for everyone involved, especially the children. Why then is the first thing someone does when a marriage has died is call a lawyer and file for divorce? The next one to two years, and thousands of dollars per side, are spent fighting over 50¢ DVDs and unused exercising equipment. Isn’t there is a better way?

Before the parties “lawyer up” and drop $2,000 to $4,000 in initial legal fees and retainers, you can meet with a Mediator who will guide you through the issues that need to be resolved, such as custody, visitation (Utah calls it “parent-time”), and property division. Once you and your spouse both agree, the Mediator can assist you in drafting and filing all the legal documents you need to finalize the divorce. No lawyers; no hearings; no contest. Fast; fair; customized to you and your family.

This is by far the fastest, cheapest, and best way to get divorced.


Can you file for divorce without an attorney?

The Utah Court website has forms and instructions on how to file divorce without an attorney: https://www.utcourts.gov/selfhelp/, and https://www.utcourts.gov/ocap/. This process can be difficult, but if both parties are willing to work together it can be done; however, if the other side ever gets an attorney involved, DO NOT GO IT ALONE. Attorneys are required by law to act in the best interest of their clients, which in this case would mean taking advantage of the fact you are unrepresented. Do not let a goofy procedural rule be the deciding factor in who gets custody of your children.

How can a Mediator help me get divorced?

Before either party has an attorney, you both can hire one mediator to help you resolve the issues in your case. Utah law also allows for a mediator to draft and file all the needed documents to effectuate your divorce if you reach an agreement. This process is often faster, cheaper, and better than hiring attorneys or going it alone. The only downside is that both parties must be willing to participate in an honest, fair discussion.

Can A Mediator help me with the divorce paperwork?

One of the biggest issues with filing for divorce without any help is the drafting of the legal documents. The courts have a lot of procedural rules that must be followed to the T or else they’ll reject the filing. You are also going to be legally bound by these documents for the rest of your life.

If an agreement is reached in mediation, a Mediator is allowed to help you draft and file all of the documents needed to get a divorce. This ensures that all procedure is done correctly, and more importantly, that your documents are drafted in a concise, efficient manner, so that you and your ex can understand what needs to happen moving forward. You do not want to have to have to modify your divorce later because your documents were poorly drafted; it is really expensive. By having a Mediator help you draft your documents, you can significantly decrease the likelihood that you’ll later need to modify your decree.

“Insanity [is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

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